When heartbreak hits home by Danielle Beard

This is a post by a good friend & fellow Cowboy, Danielle Beard. She’s pretty amazing. Enjoy.

Dani Squared

Grey looming clouds hung heavy in the Creek County air last Saturday as I drove into Sapulpa to visit family. To the unknowing, the dark sky would have signaled a welcoming rain in this never ending drought, but to Oklahoma residents, it was a symbol of fear and heartbreak as wildfires ripped across their hometowns.

As I sat in my Aunt and Uncle’s living room, watching scenes from the fires glaring at me from the evening news, and evacuation notices scrolling across the bottom of the TV screen I couldn’t shake the helpless feeling that was beginning to overwhelm me.

I should be there, I should be helping!

Over and over those thoughts rolled through my head, picking up urgency as more Creek Co. towns were forced to evacuate.

Up until very recently I was a Wildland Firefighter. Most little girls want to grow up to be teachers, nurses, movie…

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